Auction to benefit Liberia and bring beautiful art to La Jolla

An upcoming auction will bring beautiful art to La Jolla and financial assistance to Liberia.

The Allied Artists Association of San Diego and the Foundation for Women are hosting an art auction that benefits needy women and children in Liberia at 2 p.m on Sunday, March 18 at the La Jolla home of artist Jane Fletcher. The auction will feature 80 paintings from about 100 artists from various mediums.

The purpose of the auction is to celebrate San Diego’s art scene and to help needy women around the world, according to Allied Artists Association President Dottie Stanley.

Stanley came up with the idea to host an art auction in collaboration with the Foundation for Women.

The Allied Artists Association of San Diego is designed to promote San Diego’s art community, and the Foundation for Women is a non-profit organization based in San Diego that strives to enhance the lives of women and children living in poverty around the world.

Stanley said the art that will be for sale at the auction is diverse, but all the work is high quality. Many of the art at the auction comes from Stanley herself and other artists who are members of the Allied Artists Association.

In addition to art, jewelry will also be for sale at the auction.

Stanley works as a financial consultant, but said she has been painting all her life and she has been selling her art for about 15 years. She will have two realistic oil paintings in the show that depict scenes from Africa. She painted them when she went there for a recent trip.

One of the paintings depicts six African women and the other shows women doing laundry.

Other artists featured in the show include photographer Beverly Brock, sculptor Karen Peppard Caruso and watercolorist Sharon Hinkley.

The auction will take place at the house of Allied Artist Association member Jane Fletcher. Fletcher has two pieces in the auction. They are also realistic oil paintings, one depicting a breakfast scene in Del Mar and the other a flower cart.

Fletcher said she has been painting for almost 60 years and is excited to have people visit her home and see her studio.

The prices of the paintings will vary, but half of the proceeds of the auction will benefit the Foundation for Women’s microcredit program.

The microcredit program offers small loans, and in this case, the loans will go to needy women in Liberia.

Although the microcredit program offers funds to women on a loan basis, the program is superior to bank loans, according to Foundation for Women Executive Director Deborah Lindholm.

“Banks lend to people who have money, microcredit lends to people who don’t have money,” Lindholm said. “Banks lend to men, microcredit lends to women. Banks give loans to people who have credit, microcredit give money to people who don’t have credit.”

The Foundation for Women has set out to help at least 100 women in Liberia this year. The foundation gives microcredit loans to women who live on less than a dollar a day and to women in the United States who live below the poverty level.

The foundation has been successful in establishing a microcredit program in India. Over 100,000 women have benefitted from the microcredit program in India and over 500 children received an education with help from the microcredit program.

Lindholm said she is very excited about the auction because it celebrates art and the event will help impoverished women around the globe.

The foundation is dedicating to helping women achieve status as the head of the household. In addition, the foundation gives funds to schools.

Fletcher is hosting the event at her home at 1727 Alta La Jolla Drive on Mt. Soledad. The cost of attendance is $40, but it includes complementary food and drinks and there will be a live performance by Peter Prince of Piano.

Lindholm said she is grateful that Stanley spearheaded the auction.

“This is a fabulous idea to come from Dottie,” Lindholm said. “She wanted to be able to use her art and the art of her colleagues to help a worthy cause. She has been able to mobilize the art community in La Jolla. It is fabulous.”

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