AT&T to replace broken planters at La Jolla facility

By Pat Sherman

A representative for AT&T says the telecommunications giant plans to replace broken planter boxes on the sidewalk in front of its unmarked facility on Girard Avenue at Torrey Pines Road.

The building, which opened “as a telephone building” in April 1930 (according to the La Jolla Historical Society) has been owned and operated by AT&T for many years.

Contacted last week by

La Jolla Light

in regard to the planter boxes, which have sat broken for years, as well as trash frequently littering the area (Tarnishing Our Jewel), AT&T spokesperson Anna Crowe of Gable PR said the company is working with the city to develop a proposal to remove the planter boxes “and figure out what’s going to replace them.”

Crowe said she does not have an estimated completion date for the work because “it’s just in the initial stages of the proposal.”

She said AT&T employs someone to pick up the trash and a separate landscaper to pull weeds once a month. “

“They will continue ongoing maintenance such as trash removal, weed removal as it happens,” she said.



will follow up with AT&T in the coming months to check the status of the work.