Athenaeum Mozart Marathon rescheduled for June 14

The Athenaeum’s Mozart Marathon with violinist Victoria Martino has been rescheduled from May 24 to June 14. Martino, with assistance from pianist James Lent, will honor the memory of her late husband, art historian Konrad Oberhuber, with a special day of music. The two musicians will perform a full day of Mozart sonatas.

Martino and Oberhuber were longtime friends of the Athenaeum, and for several years presented an extremely popular lecture series that examined the art and music of specific historical periods. Martino would perform musical samples on the violin while Oberhuber enlightened audiences with insights into history. In 2006, on Mozart’s 250th birthday, they combined their talents, along with Lent, to present the Athenaeum Mozart Marathon. The event was one of the Athenaeum’s most successful in recent memory.

Martino, along with Joan & Irwin Jacobs and Executive director Erika Torri, chose to revisit this project in memory of Oberhuber, who died in 2007. “Konrad was such a special friend to the Athenaeum for a long time,” said Torri. “His brilliance and his eloquence continued to amaze us with each lecture he presented. We are pleased to honor his memory, and to celebrate his life with Victoria.”