Ask the Light editor: What can we do about Westbourne iceplant?

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Q. Walking and/or jogging along the bluff-top dirt path at the foot of Westbourne Street has become increasingly dangerous this summer. The city has allowed the ice plant to grow unchecked and it is encroaching on the pathways. …

Some time ago, a few local residents took it upon themselves to begin trimming the ice plant to restore the pathways. Apparently, the city caught wind of what they were doing and told them to stop.

How do we solve this issue? As taxpayers, can we demand that the city either do the maintenance themselves or give volunteers permission to do it?

A. Erin Demorest, aide to Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, tells us that Dan Daneri of the Parks and Recreation Department checked out the spot on Monday and confirmed that they can trim back the ice plant along the path.

She added in an e-mail: “By design, the path meanders away from the street with the ice plant in between the street and the path in order to keep people separated from the street. (They don’t want people walking along the curb between the ice plant and the street, so they won’t be trimming back the ice plant in the area seen in the photo below.)”

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