Ask the La Jolla Light Editor:

Each week we answer readers’ questions about things they’re curious about in La Jolla.

Q: Could you tell me what the latest is on the Venter Institute going in next to Allen Field? What is the status on that project?

A: UCSD officials report that “The J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) began construction related activities (fencing of the site, site clearance, erosion control, etc) earlier this year. A pre-construction survey revealed the presence of coastal California gnatcatchers. Given that the breeding season for this federally recognized threatened bird extends from February to September, on-site construction activities for this summer were minimized. Construction is anticipated to resume in full this fall, including a formal ground breaking ceremony. (Date has not been set yet.)

Q: What became of the “For Lease” sign in front of the place on Prospect Street where Panini’s used to be?

The sign is down because a lease has been signed for a new restaurant. Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, Inc. expects to open its first Southern California restaurant in late February or early March in the building at 811 Prospect St. that was home to IHOP before Panini’s moved in.

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