As daily gold prices fluctuate, coin dealers offer valuable common sense

Gold prices will always fluctuate; but rare coins always keep their value.
Gold prices will always fluctuate; but rare coins always keep their value.

By Michael McConnell

As financial turmoil on the world stage sends

daily gold prices

down and up and down again, one might expect rare coins and precious metals collectors to be feeling the strain. However, as noted in previous


, there is a clear and critical distinction between collecting rare coins for the joy of amassing a valuable collection and purchasing gold bars as a hedge. In today’s market, the day to day monetary value of gold is bound to fluctuate; and while this will absolutely impact prices when buying or selling gold, it will neither benefit nor harm those collectors who treasure rare coins not as an investment, but as a unique source of enduring value.

According to the

Wall Street Journal

, gold futures have hit new lows as concern mounts over the European Union and global economy. Investors have been handling gold in much the same way they do growth-sensitive assets like commodities. As RJO Futures senior commodities broker Bob Haberkorn puts it, “It’s like everybody’s forgetting what gold actually is – a hedge against uncertainty.” Such attitudes reveal just how uncertain the precious metals market can be – and why, despite gold’s reputation for security, it may still be risky to tie up too much of one’s portfolio in related investments. Instead, coin dealers with a thorough understanding of the precious metals market recommend a slow and steady accumulation of rare coins and precious metals over time – leading to a coin collection or gold accumulation that is both financially and historically valuable without bearing the risks and expectation of an investment.

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