Business Spotlight: The Artist’s Touch offers permanent makeup for cosmetic enhancement and medical camouflage in La Jolla


As an artist, Jenifer Broomberg painted faces on canvas for more than 30 years before focusing her artistic skills on meticulously tattooing tiny strokes on her clients’ faces to create simulated eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. “I enjoy working with people and I love doing all the detail of permanent makeup; I’m a bit of a perfectionist,” Broomberg said.

Broomberg trained with a permanent makeup instructor for some 100 hours before earning her license. She then took a 3D eyebrow course in Beverly Hills and opened her shop in La Jolla two years ago. She is the only permanent makeup artist in San Diego to do 3D eyebrows (usually fashioned with a machine) by hand. “My tiny brush strokes look just like real hair,” Broomberg said.

Permanent makeup offers clients far more than just cosmetic enhancement that doesn’t wash away, she explained. It offers multiple ways to cosmetically disguise or minimize various medical conditions. Broomberg’s many years as an artist make it easy for her to use the sophisticated techniques required to create the desired effects.

Broomberg said she is especially skilled in areola (nipple) micro pigmentation for people who have had mastectomies. “I draw on the nipple area and add pigmentation as needed, and I do 3D drawing, using light and shadow to make the nipple look three-dimensional,” she said.

Broomberg also tattoos dots to create medical micro-pigmentation to the scalp of people with hair loss and is one of only two people in San Diego who has the Oron machine for that procedure.

She can also assist people with vitiligo, a condition where white patches develop on the skin, by replacing the lost pigment with color that matches the client’s skin.

Broomberg works with cleft palate patients by changing the shape of their lips to appear more “normal,” and she is also skilled in scar camouflaging, including corrective pigment scar camouflaging for burn victims. “I fill in light scars with pigment to match the color of the skin to camouflage the scar,” Broomberg said.

Broomberg and her physician husband, who handles the medical aspects of the business, offer collagen-induction therapy for smoothing wrinkles and lines, minimizing sun spots, age spots and improving skin texture, acne scars, stretch marks and chicken pox scars.

“Collagen induction therapy promotes the natural reproduction of the main elements in the skin, collagen and elastin and makes the skin appear smoother and more youthful,” Broomberg said.

• The Artist’s Touch, 5726 La Jolla Blvd., Suite 120, La Jolla

• Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday and by appointment.

• (858) 333-7244

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