Artist dedicates a sculpture to San Diego Jewish Academy

World-renowned Mexican sculptor José Sacal dedicated his sculpture “First Step,” to the San Diego Jewish Academy, 11860 Carmel Creek Road, on March 7, courtesy of Jacobo and Hermosa Farca Foundation.

The gift was facilitated by the collaborative efforts of WIZO-Tijuana San Diego Organization, KEN Jewish Community and the Latin American Community of San Diego.

Sacal said his sculpture is to honor all the families who uprooted themselves from other countries and made a new life in San Diego.

San Diego Jewish Academy has families from all over the world, including Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Peru, Argentina and China.

Sacal said he believes children of all ages should have the opportunity to be exposed to art and dedicated “First Step” in their honor as they move through the various stages of child development.

Sacal’s work has been interpreted as surrealism, “a sandbox for the subconscious mind.” His art is “essence,” according to critics, because it arrives from the depths of his feelings expressed through the beings he creates.