Art students ‘Meet the Masters’ to beautify halls at La Jolla High School

Students in Carol Shamrock’s third-period AP Studio Art class, with help from PTA parent and artist Jane Wheeler, created a campus public art project at La Jolla High School called “Meet the Masters.” It features works by Matisse, Dali, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Haring installed on the walls of the 500 Building to teach students about these famous “masters” as they cruise the hallways between classes.

Students teamed up to recreate large-scale works from the eras of Abstract Impressionism (1930s) to Pop Art (1950s). Working collaboratively over two weeks to create the installation throughout the building, they rolled a fresh coat of paint on the walls for the “new look,” and painted black frames to finish off the artwork. A biography of the artist with his/her photo and the names of the students who recreated the art will hang next to each painting.

The PTA funded the project, which was designed to create a dynamic and inspirational environment for students/teachers/staff in the 500 building; showcase student talent, and teach about public art, transformation of space, and how to complete a large scale project by working with an artist from the community.

Students involved include Katie Chapman, Delaney Dickenson, Sophia Eliopulos, Olivia Barone, Charlie Mann, Madeline Gates, Louise Xu, Renee Yedidsion, Marlene Gonzales, Chloe Luyties, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alexander, Stephanie Foster, Rebecca Ryan, Zane Stanley and Daniela Anastasi. (Contributed by Jane Wheeler)