Art professor’s work in exhibit

The work of Anya Gallaccio, a visual arts professor at UCSD, is featured in “Eating the Universe. Food in Art,” exhibit at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in Germany, through Feb. 28.

“Eat Art,” a term coined by Daniel Spoerri for art made with and involving food, has its institutionalized origins in Düsseldorf. Two years after opening his restaurant at the Burgplatz, the Swiss artist founded the Eat Art Gallery in 1970 and inspired numerous artists to produce various editions made of edible materials and food wastes.

The exhibition “Eating the Universe” (a title created in the 1970s by Peter Kubelka, former professor for Film and Cooking at the Frankfurt Städelschule, for a TV-show about cooking as an artistic genre) takes stock of the phenomena from today’s perspective and traces the original character of Eat Art from its origins until today.

The exhibition demonstrates the continuing great attraction of the topic of food as a fundamental interface of art and life and its enormous relevance until the present day, especially against the backdrop of issues such as affluence and hunger, the anti-consumerism and anti-globalization movements, modern dietetics and cooking shows, health crazes and fast food.

The exhibit includes important international loans, as well as objects and performances developed especially for the project by selected artists. The exhibition will move to the Gallery of the Taxipalais Innsbruck, April 24-July 4, and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Sept. 18-Jan. 9, 2011.