Art and prose blend at Sally Huss Gallery

Art and verse blend harmoniously at Sally Huss Gallery.

Huss, after being away for awhile, has returned to the Jewel with a new gallery she opened recently at 7932 Ivanhoe Ave.

“People are coming in and saying, ‘Oh, I’m so glad you’re back,’ ” said Huss, who’s nationally known for her extensive lines of purses, greeting cards, clothing, children’s books and gift art, as well as a syndicated newspaper feature, Happy Musings. “They are finding us here. Though it’s not the highest-traffic spot, it’s certainly a quality spot, and people are coming in. It’s really fun for them to discover.”

Discovery, and reflection, are what Huss’s creative, distinctively feminine style is all about. Her signature approach is to take her brightly colored acrylic impressionistic art and merge it with witty verse extolling simple and universal truths.

“I have combined art with little messages in my greeting card line,” said Huss, who noted what she does has become known as gift art. Her art/verse is happy, light and engaging.

A Sally Huss-inspired greeting card is a memorable thought-for-a-day that can leave a lifelong impression.

A few examples of her inspirational greeting cards:

  • “When we asked for a daughter we were sent a princess.”
  • “When I put my hand in yours it was forever.”
  • “Rich is a matter of the heart.”
  • “I do not know the master plan but it’s comforting to know that the master has planned it and I am included.”
  • “Most people think success leads to happiness when really it is happiness that leads to success.”

Huss said she’s been interested in art since she was a child. She was also interested in tennis, so much so that she pursued the sport as a young woman. She played in the national junior women’s tennis circuit and was a semifinalist at Wimbledon.
Huss brings the same zeal to her craft as a writer and artist as she did to her chosen competitive sport.

The line of artistic gift products Huss markets both in her retail gallery and online, has grown over the years. The mix now includes purses, totes, beach bags, wallpaper, ceramics, clothing lines, even refrigerator magnets and baby bibs.

Her gallery is full of original impressionistic landscapes, which often have Italian or European themes.

She intends to make her themes a little more local in the future. “I’m going to be painting more at La Jolla Cove, those kinds of things,” she said.

Huss is available for commission work, but she prefers to work in her studio.

Huss said the best thing about her job is “it’s never like working.”

Best of all, she said her merchandise is reasonably priced. One of her inspirational tote bags will set you back $45, $21 for a smaller version.

In the future, Huss intends to expand her horizons.

“I want to paint more here (studio) and do sculpture,” she said, " work in clay and bronze.”

She often paints a portrait a day. Outside her studio are exhibits of her work and a patio table. She intends to resume teaching art classes, and encourages people to drop by.

Huss is proud to note one of her original works was bought for current U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and presented to her on her 50th birthday.

Another thing she’s proud of is that her musings have been syndicated and run in newspapers nationwide. “I have completed more than 500 of them for newspapers,” she said.

Sally’s husband works with her, handling the business side of her studio, doing their Ebay store and running the Web site, Huss also has a blog she has fun doing where she runs a daily musing, with an explanation of its meaning, and invites public comment. “A lot of people have collected these musings for years,” she said.

Huss said the most challenging thing about what she does is “having enough time to do all the things that I would like.”

Huss’s gallery is calm and tranquil. It’s like being in a garden with all the flowers in bloom. In fact, flowers are one of her favorite subjects. “I get some flowers and I paint flowers,” she said.

She also does lots of flowery portraits which she said are unusual because she’s does them quickly. “They’re very fast,” she said. “It’s not labored. They look more impressionistic but they’re really beautiful.”

For more information about Sally Huss Gallery, call (858) 454-4996 or visit