Are you game for Trattoria Acqua’s fall food fest?

Week two of Trattoria Acqua’s “Festival of Game” features duck, boar, rabbit and venison prepared as described by Acqua’s Michael McGeath:

Moulard Duck, $11: Duck confit salad with frisee’ lettuce and baby greens, Spanish Cabrales blue cheese, red grapes and white balsamic vinaigrette.

Wild Boar, $18: House-made “Buckwheat” pappardelle pasta with Texan wild boar ragu, shaved Pecorino Romano cheese.

Sonoma Rabbit, $20: Served over soft polenta with honey-musard and Anjou pear glaze.

Peking Duck, $19: Mapleleaf Farms duck “meatloaf” over Kabocha squash puree with duck au jus and onion rings.

New Zealand Venison, $24: Venison loin over jalapeno-currant-sweet potato cakes with persimmon glaze.

The restaurant with ocean views is at 1298 Prospect Street. (858) 454-0709.