Architects Are the New Superheroes: They Save Lives

By Rick Rutstein, Professional Design and Drafting

Imagine having the power to save people’s lives. These aren’t powers that come from hailing from Krypton or getting bitten by a radioactive spider; these are the powers that come from designing a building. Even the most seemingly minor design decision an architect makes not only impact the physical and mental well-being of those who dwell in their structures; according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), architects have the power to save lives.

To show the life saving capacities of design, the AIA has created an interactive graphical chart called “Designing Communities, Shaping Health.” Fast Company Design explains that as you scroll over the graphic, various hotspots light up around objects like windows, staircases, ducts, and staircases. Here’s what you’ll learn:


An elevator may not be the best option because people who climb at least twenty floors per week have a 20% lower risk of stroke or death than those who rely on elevators.


You should be aware of which materials you intend to use, for some materials are toxic and have been known to cause behavioral problems.

Outdoor Areas:

Community gardens promote healthy nutrition and strong communities.

“Like a light bulb, this graphic can illuminate an ‘aha’ moment, leading to greater awareness of the direct link between design and public health issues,” says Robert Ivy, the AIA’s CEO. “Though often overlooked, carefully considered design decisions and building materials selections can have profound impacts on health and well-being.”

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