Architect Mark D. Lyon, Inc. Since 1987

La Jolla LandmarkBusiness Since 1987Architect Mark D. Lyon, Inc.mark lyonA fascinating aspect of owning a Business is the dynamic and always changing relationship you develop with your employees, both past and present. I am humbled when I think of all the talented people who have occupied this little space in Birdrock. Everyone has had a hand in molding the face of this firm. I smile when I think about all the different personalities and the exciting and sobering moments we have shared. In the twenty-five years on my own and the ten years prior working for others, I have survived several upturns and downturns. Upsizing and downsizing the firm is always a challenge. The analogy is like the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The porridge is like staffing; it is either too hot or too cold. You are either understaffed or overstaffed. The period where everything is just right lasts about two days. Nothing is ever static and the sooner you understand this the better you are able to adapt to a new landscape. Unfortunately the best employees, it seems, are destined to leave and start their own firm. I now find myself on occasion, competing with them for projects and wishing them car troubles prior to their interview. Despite my temporary insecurity, I want them all to succeed. I know they are all responsible for my success and so it is only right I support theirs.Thank you to all those who have worked for me and with me over the years. I wish you all great success.Architect Mark D. Lyon, Inc.410 Bird Rock Ave. ·