Anti-aging breakthrough in the quest for youth

Sculptra Facelift in La Jolla

By Dr. Nasrin Mani, La Jolla Laser

For years, scientists have tried to discover a way to reverse the signs of aging. Despite countless clinical trials and numerous studies, the proverbial “fountain of youth” was nothing more than a dream for the aging population. But in a

new study

at two leading research institutions, experts say a new breakthrough in looking and feeling young again is not only possible, but proven.

Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley led a joint study on a new longevity gene that aims to not only preserve the body, but also regenerate the production of new blood cells. When the longevity gene was injected in aging mice, they were made to seem young again, with a remarkable reversing of physical decline and degeneration.

“Our study is really the first one demonstrating that sirtuins (proteins known to regulate aging) can reverse aging-associated degeneration, and I think that’s very exciting,” said Danica Chen, assistant Berkeley professor and coauthor of the study. “This opens the door to potential treatments for age-related degenerative diseases.”

After researchers studied the protein “SIRT3” – the same sirtuin responsible for preserving yeast organisms – they found that this very ingredient may hold the key to slowing the aging process because it may stimulate the production of new blood cells, an essential component in preserving youth. In some cases, the protein was found even found to regenerate deteriorated cells – a huge breakthrough in repairing damage caused by aging.

Of course, we are a long way from using the longevity gene in our own bodies, but the study is a promising sign that aging can be reversed – a dream not only for scientists but the entire aging population as well.

Scientists believe these findings could lead to the prevention of aging-related health issues like Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease and yes, ladies and gentlemen, even the reduction of wrinkles, sagging and age-spots.

Until then, there’s Sculptra

There’s no doubt aging is on the minds of thousands of men and women approaching their late 30s, 40s and 50s. Until science can fully capture youth in a bottle, Sculptra liquid facelift can help individuals achieve a youthful look without the need for surgery.

As a top Sculptra injector in San Diego and as an official National Training Physician for Sculptra, I can attest to the safety and dramatic results the procedure can produce on patients with lost facial volume and deep wrinkles.

So how does Sculptra work, exactly?

Sculptra is a unique procedure that works by injection to generate your skin’s own collagen. After a series of two to three sessions and over the course of about 4 to 6 months, your facial skin will be radiantly fuller with no more hollowed areas and a dramatic reduction of sunken, drapey skin.

The final results are your own skin and not a filler.

The good news is that Sculptra is an FDA-approved facial volume deficiency procedure so it’s safe and effective for all individuals. When combined with other procedures such as Ultherapy Lift, the youthful results can be truly remarkable for the individual who wants to look years younger without surgery.

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