Annual watermelon drop held at UCSD

Amid much fanfare, the “Watermelon Queens,” Karen Reis and Janessa Werhane, chosen by the students dropped a watermelon from the seventh floor of Urey Hall.

The 44th Annual Watermelon Drop at University of California, San Diego, was held Friday, June 5, at the Revelle College. The splat this year measured 47 feet.

The goal is to break velocity/splat record of 167 feet 4 inches set in 1974. Hundreds of UCSD students gathered to witness this annual ritual and students try to predict where the farthest piece will land.

The Watermelon Drop (or splat or toss) originated with UCSD’s first undergraduate class in 1965. All Revelle freshmen took a physics class with professor Bob Swanson. As a physics problem, Swanson asked: “If a watermelon was dropped from a 7-story building, where would the farthest piece land?” and “What would be the velocity on impact of the watermelon?” Members of the class arranged the actual watermelon drop from Urey Hall, voted for a “Watermelon Queen” and the drop has been an annual challenge each year.