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The European lifestyle is full of passion and traditions preserved with centuries of deep-rooted families, generations of rich culture, iconic architecture, and inspiring design. European design is varied, and when done correctly, transforms ordinary into timeless design that is appreciated for years.

Traditional French décor tends to be ornate, colorful, and have a grand presence. In Spain, design is characterized by warm color palettes, and prints that create a hacienda style. English interiors are full of florals, light colors and have a feminine feel. Italians base their style on earthy color tones and textures with rustic finishes.

Amighini Home Décor & Architecturals, has Italian- and Spanish-inspired décor along with rare architectural elements at its Southern California locations. Unique furnishings made by artisans using reclaimed architectural materials, such as salvaged wood and iron, are one-of-a-kind pieces that make you feel like you’re living in the heart of Northern Italy. Linen with monochromatic Earth tones or vintage-distressed leather combined with the rich wood tones are ideal to carry out a rustic ambiance throughout your interior.

AMIGHINI started in Verona, Italy in 1955 and has been overseeing demolition and restoration of properties in Italy and Argentina ever since. The business has expanded to include home accessories and pieces that are reminiscent of the European way of life. Today the company has two warehouses and two showrooms in the United States, and one of them is here in San Diego at 2880 Sims Road, Liberty Station, Point Loma.

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