AMC La Jolla opens with upgrades


AMC Theatres La Jolla 12, at 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive, is striving to become the best way to experience a movie in San Diego. Every seat in the theater is now a recliner, and AMC removed some seating in each auditorium to allow guests more space to recline or stretch their legs.

Additionally, risers have been added to give auditoriums the popular stadium-style feel, and to help ensure every seat has the best possible view of the screen.

At the MacGuffins Bar, adults 21 and older can purchase a beer, glass of wine or cocktail. Guests can also take their drink into the auditorium as they watch their film. (Select auditoriums are designated as 21-and-older for this purpose.)

In a few weeks, the AMC La Jolla 12 will institute a reserved seating policy, which will help guests secure seats early as demand for tickets increases. For more information about the changes at AMC La Jolla 12, or to purchase tickets, visit