All men are brothers whether on land or at sea


Jim Lolly and Mike Lolly are identical twin brothers and both longtime surfers.

Originally from the East Coast, the brothers relocated to the North Shore in Hawaii in the late sixties. Both brothers became expert and respected big-wave surfers as well as innovative surfboard craftsman.

One of the earliest photographs ever recorded of a surfer getting a deep tube ride on a really big Sunset Beach wave is of Mike Lolly, or was it Jim? It’s very hard to tell the difference between the two unless you know them well. As times were a bit lean, they took turns sharing the same surfboard so it’s truly difficult to say for sure which brother actually is captured in the photograph. Adding to the confusion, both brothers humbly credit the other for the historic ride. Brotherly love - they still watch out for each other and surf together almost every day.

Both brothers have developed deep appreciation and respect for surfing, the ocean and each other. Though Jim and Mike may not agree on everything they do agree on sharing the stoke and encouraging each other to be and do the best they can.

When Mike shapes a new surfboard, Jim will be right there offering helpful insights and inspiration. When Jim is out surfing in larger waves, Mike will watch to make sure he gets safely back to the beach.

There is something about a close, caring brotherly relationship that gives depth and purpose to one’s life. Many times in the early days Mike would work so that Jim could surf, now that’s brotherly love. Of course, Jim would always have dinner ready for Mike when he got home.

Having a close relationship with a brother is less about competition and more about cooperation. By working closely together, brothers help each other to grow. Good brothers watch out for each other’s development and growth, by sharing information and heartfelt guidance. Brothers will share information between themselves they may not share with others. That does not mean they always agree on everything, but somehow things get worked out. Good brothers learn to stick together despite ups and downs benefiting from the security of the relationship. No matter what happens at the end of the day you’re still going to be brothers. In life it’s a great feeling to know your brother is watching out for you.

Interestingly enough, brothers can make great friends because they have learned to share and love each other unconditionally.

When it really comes up to it, all men are brothers that deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. As brothers we should all watch out for one another as brothers do in the waves. If you see your brother stumble or fall, help him up. Should your brother wipeout, become a life preserver he can depend on. If your brother is hungry, help him out with some nourishment, maybe you will need his help later.

Strengthen and build up one another in positive ways. Guide and inspire your brothers by setting the best examples for your brothers. Celebrate your brothers’ good rides, console and support your brothers during bad rides.

As brothers, let us lift up one another, encourage one another and inspire one another. What goes around comes around. All men are brothers. Aloha.

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