Adult dental braces: why you’re never too old for straighter, healthier teeth

By Robert Sunstein, DDS

In previous


, we have addressed the increasing ease, efficiency and even aesthetic appeal of

adult dental braces

; and now, the

American Association of Orthodontists

(AAO) has launched a new campaign designed to further inform adult patients about the importance of smile correction technology for everything from improved social comfort and career performance to overall health and wellness. According to the AAO, adults currently represent one in five orthodontic patients throughout the U.S., with nearly double the number of braces-wearing individuals aged 18 and over compared to those tallied in 1994. As adult braces become more mainstream, so too does social acceptance of such treatment; and with help from an experienced orthodontist, patients of any age can now enjoy the benefits of fast, effective teeth straightening and healthier, more beautiful teeth.

In years past, adult orthodontic patients may have shied away from braces despite serious misalignment issues due to perceived social stigma and aesthetic concerns. But today, a combination of increasing popularity and improved dental technology is making teeth straightening easier and more attractive than ever before. Subtler metal braces and practically invisible Invisalign trays are just a few of the orthodontic solutions available for adult patients – and the benefits encompass not only critical oral health concerns, but systemic health and overall well-being factors as well. Left untreated, crooked or otherwise abnormally-aligned teeth can lead to increased plaque build-up and subsequent periodontal disease – a condition associated with health risks ranging from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to pre-term births. In addition, straight, healthy teeth project an air of confidence that can be invaluable for anyone changing careers or re-entering the job market. The advantages of a healthy smile are endless – and all it takes to get started is a consultation with your local La Jolla orthodontist.

Proven expertise and patient-oriented principles: the Sunny Smile Specialist advantage

At our

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, we welcome patients of all ages to come in and learn about teeth-straightening technology and adult braces in a community-centered, comfortable and supportive environment. Our skilled technicians will do everything possible to answer your questions, explain your treatment options, and provide education on improved oral health and overall vitality to help you get the most out of your treatment. Take the first step toward a healthier smile today, and contact the Sunny Smile Specialist for a complimentary consultation. To learn more, visit us online: