‘Addicted to Beauty’ reality series set at local medi-spa

La Jolla-based businesswoman, author, speaker and model Dianne York-Goldman and her staff at Carmel Valley-based Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa will debut in a new reality series, “Addicted to Beauty,” on Aug. 4 on the Oxygen network.

Billed as a “workplace dramedy,” eight one-hour episodes will follow Chief Executive Officer York-Goldman and plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee as they combine resources to launch a new medi-spa. The cast includes spa director Shannyn, executive assistant Natasha, spa concierge Ronnie, receptionist Gary and office manager Melanie.

The show is the brainchild of York-Goldman. Scott Dunlop of Dunlop Entertainment thought the concept had good potential.

“I just knew it would be a wonderful opportunity,” York-Goldman said.

Recently divorced, York-Goldman described being at a turning point in her life and in search of a new start. That led to her collaboration with Lee. Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, at 11515 El Camino Real, Suite 150, is a full-service facility, providing skin care products, massages, facials, laser rejuvenation, fillers and surgical procedures.

“The merger of Dianne’s medi-spa with Changes Plastic Surgery gives our audience an inside look at a world that fascinates them,” said David Stefanou, vice president, original programming, Oxygen Media, via e-mail. “Dianne and her staff wear their obsession with beauty on their sleeve - or, more accurately, on their face. As a business owner, Dianne practices what she preaches. She’s a living billboard for her services - a walking menu of all the procedures Changes offers. Whether or not you agree with their take on beauty, the daily drama at Changes is pretty addictive. “

Filmed during the establishment of the new facility, York-Goldman said eventually she and the staff became accustomed to the crew and equipment.

“Here we are, creating this new medical spa with all these cameras rolling around,” she said. “I think it definitely brought the staff closer together. It’s something that’s hard to describe how we feel now. I don’t know who many people in life can say they’ve done something like this.”

While the dramatic, over-the-top personalities of the cast provide the entertainment basis for the series, York-Goldman said the scope of the show is much broader than that.

“I think the show will actually educate the viewers about what is available, what’s out there, the pros, the cons … how it affects someone’s self-esteem,” she said. “Visually, with this reality show, you will see how patients feel.”

The series will also showcase La Jolla - its residents, shops, restaurants, nightlife, museums and beaches.

“The word beauty takes many different avenues here,” York-Goldman said. “We’re not talking about skin. We’re talking about the beauty of the world.”

‘Addicted to Beauty’

  • Premieres at 11 p.m. Aug. 4 on Oxygen