Activists need to be peaceful, too


Your statement in “Learning to co-exist with the seals” is much appreciated when you say, “Let’s hope that everyone offers inventive suggestions that can turn the tide away from the combative scenes we’ve experienced” at the Children’s Pool.

However, more than 50 complaints have now been documented of verbal and physical attacks on visitors by animal rights activists. Those reports are available to see if the news media are willing to publish them. The Light’s accompanying article by seals rights activists states that “nature brought them (the seals) there,” but that is not true.

Beginning in 1992 and for several years afterward, Hubbs-SeaWorld released, tagged, rehabilitated seals near the Children’s Pool with the permission of NOAA and the city government. Before that time seals occupied rocks in and around the Children’s Pool, but their overpopulation brought them to the beach and subsequent fecal contamination of the water.

However, the seals are peaceful. Let’s hope that the activists learn peaceful co-habitation from the animals.

Sue Bridge

La Jolla