New gallery to show images of La Jolla by photographer Aaron Goulding


La Jolla landscape photographer Aaron Goulding will hold a grand opening for his gallery “The Aaron Goulding Photography Gallery” 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 21 at 1273 Prospect St. A smaller reception will be held for family and friends 6-10 p.m. Friday, May 20, although he said, “pretty much everyone is welcome.”

The space will host 15-20 photographs by Goulding that feature the natural beauty of La Jolla and its ocean life, priced from $1,500 to $5,000. His creations are printed on canvas or aluminum.

Goulding said the caves and WindanSea are some of his favorite shooting spots. “The ocean has been a big part of my life since age 15,” he said, adding he was born in Linwood, Los Angeles and lived in Southern California most of his life. “My wife and I have been always in love with La Jolla … We always wanted to live in this area,” he said.

Like many other landscape photographers, Goulding uses long exposures to capture the motion of the ocean and colorful sunsets and sunrises. But, one thing he does differently, is go into the ocean to shoot the waves from the inside. “Sometimes I get beat,” he laughed.

“I get in the water and I capture waves that break over me. I’m just swimming and my camera goes in a water housing. It’s fun, I take a beating to get those shots, and it’s something I’m very passionate about.”

The results are beautiful, detailed pictures of roll-like waves, underwater selfies or colorful ocean surfaces.

In the back of the gallery, there is a small studio that Goulding intends to rent out to other local or visiting photographers to use. He will set hourly, daily and monthly fees for the space. “I want to give people a place to get work done at an affordable price.”

Goulding said he is excited for the grand opening. “For me it’s a big dream of mine to open my gallery to show the people of La Jolla what I’ve seen for the last 25 years inside and outside of the water.”

Currently, Goulding rents a small studio at 1255 Coast Boulevard, across from the Cave. He said he receives many visits from tourists there. He called the new gallery an “upgrade,” because the studio he’s been in for the past three years is very small.

The artist also has a second job. He owns a teeth-cleaning service for sensitive pets that doesn’t use anesthesia. “It keeps me busy and I love the animals,” Goulding said.

The phone number for the gallery is (858) 312-0970.

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