A1 Hearing in La Jolla carrying newest technology

Residents of La Jolla may soon be hearing a lot less of some familiar expressions at social gatherings, noisy restaurants or business meetings: “Pardon me?” “Can you repeat that?” “I’m sorry — I didn’t hear what you said.”

Kelly Scoggins of A1 Hearing Centers in La Jolla was recently introduced to a new hearing device that is specifically designed to address the needs and preferences of people new to hearing instruments.

Results of a recently released international study conducted at two universities, Towson University in Maryland and The Hörzentrum in Oldenburg, Germany, show that new Oticon Intiga triggers immediate acceptance by people new to hearing instruments.

“New Oticon Intiga delivers immediate and obvious benefits to first time users,” says Kelly. “The advanced technology combined with Intiga’s sleek ergonomic design and miniature size can motivate people with hearing loss to take action now to will improve their quality of life.”

“This challenges the commonly held myth that it takes time to get used to hearing aids,” says Kelly. “With Intiga, I am finding people who were reluctant to try hearing aids not only accepting their new hearing solutions immediately but also seeing themselves as long term users of amplification.”

In addition to quality of life benefits, Intiga also appeals to the almost universal desire for a hearing instrument with discreet size and style. Intiga’s small, sleek ergonomic design hides easily behind the ear and is comfortable to wear throughout the day. The fully automatic technology also means there are no buttons to adjust. Built-in wireless connectivity allows Intiga to connect wirelessly to cell phones, becoming a virtual hands-free headset. With addition of the Oticon ConnectLine system, audio from televisions and landline phones can be streamed directly to the hearing instruments.

“I always encourage people to consider a trial of new hearing instruments,” adds Kelly. “The Towson study provides an added incentive to make that trial with new Intiga. I am confident that the immediate benefits and immediate acceptance will help people who have resisted hearing instruments to finally take steps to enhance both their ability to hear conversation and their lifestyle!”

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