A tip of the hat to La Jolla’s Save Our Post Office Task Force


La Jolla Light

Editorial / Our View:
It’s been said that the measure of a civilization is how it treats its youngest and oldest citizens. We would add … and its landmarks.

And so for securing a federal “historical” designation for its beloved, iconic, 77-year-old Wall Street Post Office, we proclaim the community of La Jolla ranks tops.

Here is a standing ovation and thunderous applause for the task force that came together and rallied residents for a fight to save the building from sacrifice and sale.

It took time (including 100 hours to complete the nomination packet) and thought and effort, letter writing, petition signing, phone calls, rallies, and public meetings with post office and other government leaders, but it looks like it will all pay off. The year-long struggle has hopefully forced officials to reconsider putting the La Jolla post office on the chopping block; they just recognized it as “historical!”

True, it’s not a done-deal yet, but the cause should be celebrated as hearts have been opened to wanting to do the best for all concerned.

That little building at 1140 Wall St. is more than a place to buy stamps, get a passport, mail and receive packages -- it represents the tone and talents of a village community that cares about the quality of life.

What a lesson for skeptics watching. The power of the people is alive and well.

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