A parent’s role in education: creating balance for optimal student support


By Kevin Yaley, Head of Francis Parker School

We can all agree that one of the most critical factors in a child’s success in school is parent involvement. Ideally, parents are able to successfully strike a balance between serving as their child’s primary support system while allowing their child to discover a sense of independence and self-confidence. In the end, this balance will define

parents’ role in education

-- and enable their children to flourish in the classroom and beyond.

Navigating parental involvement

From assisting with homework and enforcing rules and guidelines to attending back-to-school nights, plays and assemblies, from supporting the school by giving of their time and talent to assist with volunteer efforts to making a financial commitment to support their child’s education, parental support is essential to the academic system. Yet one of the most valuable ways in which parents show their support is by honoring the mission and values of the school, and by participating in the ongoing dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing their children. As a result, parents can help facilitate a more effective learning environment, strengthen communication between the school, the students and the families, and ultimately bring the school community closer together.


Francis Parker School

, we believe strongly in the value of parental involvement. All Parker parents are members of our Parents Association, and we invite them to take part in events and organizing committees to help us promote fellowship within the school community, raise funds to support our innovative student programs, and connect with one another for the good of our students. New parents are set up with returning families as mentors to help guide one another through the “world of Parker,” and events like our Annual Parker Gala give parents an opportunity to meet, connect and have fun beyond the walls of the school. Our parent education program offers parents the chance to learn about and discuss issues related to the social, emotional and academic health of students, current trends in education, and practical skills for raising healthy, happy students.

By providing a strong, involved support network for Parker parents (and grandparents!), we strive to give everyone an opportunity to share their talents and contributions with the school. Make an investment for yourself, your family and your student today: learn more about

parents at Francis Parker School

by contacting us online at