Sure as the Sun Rises, More Cash Rebates, 30% Tax Credits and New Power Back-up Systems Bring Powerful ROI to Residential Solar Customers

By Martin Learn, President, Home Energy Systems

There’s a reason solar is one of San Diego’s fastest-growing industries. It can help property owners slash energy costs, improve property values and qualify for rich tax credits and cash rebates, all while providing a hedge against inevitable rising energy costs.

Yet time and again, homeowners who can truly benefit from solar solutions overlook their potential because of industry misconceptions.

Let’s shed some light on pervasive solar myths that are keeping homeowners from realizing thousands of dollars in solar tax credits, cash rebates and energy bill savings by harnessing free energy from the sun.

Once we separate solar fact from solar fiction, I’m hopeful many of you will resolve this new year to mine San Diego’s solar energy gold by scheduling an appointment with a qualified, experienced local professional to learn how much you can save. It’s a resolution that, sure as the San Diego sun rises, is an easy one to keep.

Solar Myth #1: Solar is Too Expensive

Solar is a big investment, but panel costs have dropped 40-60% in the past six years. With higher panel efficiencies, lower price tags, 30% federal tax credits and newly reinstated cash rebates, today’s solar PV solutions present one of the best investment options available, with a current return on residential investments of 8-9%.. Toss in the high costs of electricity in San Diego you can avoid with solar and the benefits of fueling electric vehicles with free sun power and the savings continue. Businesses can earn even more when incentives like accelerated depreciation are factored in.

Solar Myth #2: All Solar Systems Are Created Equal

Solar panels may look similar, but rooftop panel efficiencies range from 14% to 21%. We at Home Energy Systems use SunPower solar panels -- the highest-quality modules in the business, whose 25-year workmanship and power production guarantees are the industry’s best. And Home Energy Systems offers a FREE solar power back-up system with each qualifying installation – an important tool to help keep the lights on, perishables cold and phones, flashlights and PCs charged in event of a daytime power outage.

Solar Myth #3: Solar Installers Are Essentially the Same

High demand has attracted many new players to San Diego’s solar marketplace. Some have no local employees and impose the hard sell; others aren’t properly licensed for solar electric installations or are new to the business altogether.

With a 12-year A+ BBB rating, over 500 best-in-class solar electric systems in San Diego, proper bonding and licensing credentials (including NABCEP* certification – the gold industry standard of solar installers), Home Energy Systems takes the guesswork out of your home solar investment.

Our credible, honest approach to providing customers with systems that meet their economic, sustainable lifestyle, quality and aesthetic standards are why after 500 installations we’ve earned and maintained a 5-star Yelp! rating from our customers.

Call us today for a free in-home savings assessment (or for a credible second opinion) to learn how much you can save -- without the time-share pressure tactics many of today’s big solar advertisers impose.

Then, join me here next month for more solar myth-busting. The more you learn, the better equipped you are to optimize the ROI of your solar investment. How many home improvements can you name that not only pay for themselves, but continue to pay you for years to follow?

*NABCEP is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Martin Learn is President and Founder of Home Energy Systems, Inc., a San Diego-based designer and installer of best-in-class commercial and residential solar electric solutions who has been helping San Diegans monetize the sun since 2001. A 32-year solar expert, Learn serves on the Energy and Water Policy Committee of the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce and was recently elected by his industry peers to serve on the Board of CALSEIA, the California Solar Energy Industries Association. He uses clean, renewable solar energy to live comfortably off-grid in Julian, California.