A-list superheroes and comic artists mingle at the Athenaeum

The crowd chuckled as comic artist Oliver Nome drew a shirt with the words “Leave Britney Alone” on his creation. As you probably well know, those were the words that made no-name Chris Crocker an Internet celebrity after millions of people watched his video – complete with thick eyeliner and crying – defending Britney Spears’ lackluster performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

Pop culture is humorous, even idiotic at times. But, most important, it’s entertaining.

Nome captured that notion, along with the audience, at last Thursday’s pre-opening look at “Thought to Pop,” which really wasn’t about washed-up pop princesses. The event, put on by the museum’s A List committee, introduced this exhibition that’s about superheroes and the people who draw them.

The work of eight WildStorm Productions artists, including that of the legendary Jim Lee, is featured in the exhibit. Along with Nome, Joel Gomez, Eddie Nunez and several others from La Jolla-based comic arts company were there drawing on the walls, signing autographs and meeting their fans.

Comic worshipers came dressed as Batman, Superman, Clark Kent, Aquaman, Catwoman and the Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. The women on The A List committee wore T-shirts that donned a pseudo-Superman logo, only instead of a giant “S” theirs read, “The A List.”

The A List committee is made up of eight women who put together bimonthly events geared toward Gen X and Y. These events, which are open to both A List members and nonmembers, are all about mingling among those who love contemporary art and music.

At the “Thought to Pop” event, Hellhound performed electro-pop music while wearing pirate garb, then Cathy “DJ OMG” de la Cruz spun club tracks. Karl Strauss provided the beer and The A List committee gave away door prizes and stick-on tattoos.

The event was attended by Annina Torri, Sandy Webster and Kristina Meek, who are on The A List committee. Cyndy Stalmaster, Blair Tuckman, Barry Raspotnik, Vic Ferreira, Percy Bojador and Erika Torri, who is chair of the art committee, were also there.

“Thought to Pop” will be on view at the Athenaeum through July 26. For more information, click