A La Jolla landmark listed by Willis Allen agents Linda Daniels and Andrew E. Nelson


Willis Allen Real Estate recently announced that agents Linda Daniels and Andrew E. Nelson have listed La Jolla’s historical landmark at 417 Coast Blvd. Daniels boasts with excitement when explaining the uniqueness of this property; “It has been said that a house is truly a home when you walk in the front door and can sense an amazing story awaits you. This estate tells a remarkable story about a family that truly lived out loud in their passion for one another, their work and their care and empathy for others. The legacy of this home is to be treasured!”

Built in 1931, the 16,000-square-foot oceanfront lot has only been home to three owners. The most recent, in 1956, was a prominent La Jolla family — Dr. William Doyle, a La Jolla pediatrician, and his wife Dr. Anita Figueredo, San Diego’s first woman surgeon. Within the extended walls of the unique estate, guest house and artist’s studio Dr. Doyle and Dr. Figueredo raised nine children. “This home is one of the finest examples of Old La Jolla and what it was like back in the day. It embodies the history of San Diego’s first woman surgeon and it creates an irreplaceable image of a home that represents the spirit and outpouring of generosity and help that Dr. Anita Figueredo offered to the community around her,” explained Willis Allen Real Estate President and CEO Andrew E. Nelson.

Not only was Dr. Figueredo known for being the first woman surgeon in the area, she also is credited as a major philanthropist and started Friends of the Poor in 1982 which supports projects in Mexico, Nigeria and Guatemala. And if all that wasn’t enough, the estate itself also features a gorgeous Torrey Pine tree that is being called the “mother tree” for all the seedlings that contributed to the Torrey Pines throughout La Jolla.