A Guide to a Spooktacularly Techy Halloween


Some people have nostalgia for the simple Halloweens of yore, when all you needed were a couple of pillowcases—one to cut holes in for eyes and to stick over your head, one to hold candy—but we at Modern Home Systems like to celebrate the wonderful advancements that technology has made in scaring the pants off everyone, including ourselves. As our smart gadgets boom with options for convenience, so have they boomed with the wonderful novelties of Halloween camp. Immersive theater or low-brow pranks? You decide.

For you traditionalists, we’ve found a few options that bridge the ghoulish gap if what you’re really scared of is technology.

The Apps

Horrorchannel’s Night Terror App is designed to give you horrific dreams. It offers five different stories to choose from, each with varying degrees of “terror.” You select, set your phone under your pillow, and have your own horrific bedtime story. Meanwhile, the app monitors your sleep patterns and pulse rate and will periodically play sounds designed to penetrate into your dream for the ultimate night terror experience. That or it will turn your phone into Stephen King’s Cell. We prefer to have dreams about bunnies.

Turn your selfies into gruesome zombie photos

An entire category of apps exists to turn your selfies into zombie photos! A highlight is the Walking Dead “Dead Yourself” app, which offers multiple features such as different eye and mouth options, motifs, and exposures. The app scores high on overall user ratings. Or you could just take a selfie first thing in the morning before your coffee.

Did you hear that?

No haunted house is complete without spooky sounds, and there are plenty of apps that deliver. The Halloween Spooky Sounds app features popular button apps and the user-favorite feature to make your own remixes of scary sounds such as “Demonic Laugh,” “Eerie Whisper,” “Chimes,” “Chainsaw,” “Clown Laugh” and “Creeping Organ.” If you’re hosting a spooky-themed party this year, we recommend setting up your device in the shower of the bathroom your guests will use.

Set the ambiance with your own ghostly photos

The GhostCam App lets you add ghostly images to your photos. Fun to print out ahead of time and place in frames for a Halloween party. Or if you want to accompany a “true” scary story you’re telling, you can always say, “But this really did happen. Here’s the photo.”

For the do-it-yourself crowd who likes a spooky challenge

Do you get excited just hearing the name Nikola Tesla? Here is where you can find all you need to build your own Tesla Spirit Radio. Hold your own séances or just scare the pants off you and a close group of friends.

Or, if you just want to have some “basic” moving prop table decorations, here’s a how-to for making your own automatically-moving severed hands, skulls, knives—whatever your tell-tale heart desires!

Perambulating skeletons?

Are you the kind of person who likes to go the extra mile with dressing up? Now you can tech-up your Halloween costume with options from MorphDigitalDuds. Buy one of their shirts or masks, download the corresponding (free) app for your mobile device, and slide the device into a specially-designed pouch. A guy from NASA invented these—so instead of saving Matt Damon, he made it so you could dress up like a Martian (or any old killer clown from outer space).

Prefer to keep the old bones at home?

There’s still time to install a great home theater system in time for a fully-immersive horror movie marathon, whether your style is Bela Lugosi, George A. Romero, or Robert Rodriguez.

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