A day for saluting those who serve

Never mind the solstice, America’s summer begins on Memorial Day.

The barbeques get dusted off, the beach towels are shaken out and the smell of sunscreen is once again in the air.

Neighbors visit, families make those long-planned road trips, kids spend the light hours after dinner outside and free.

It is not ungrateful to enjoy the many American summertime traditions, but it is important that we have at least one day to remember those who have secured, and who still secure, our freedom and our peace.

At gatherings around the country, those who gave the last full measure of dedication will be remembered and celebrated on Memorial Day, and this is entirely right.

But Memorial Day, while it brings to mind those who have given their lives, is also a time to thank and celebrate those who still give in service to our country.

Around the world and on the world’s many oceans, American servicemembers keep the peace and serve those who need protectors and rescuers.

When cyclones and tsunamis hit, we see in an instant what a great asset to the world these American servicemembers are. But they are there every day - guarding, protecting, serving.

We are priveledged to live in a military town.

There are lots of opportunities to thank a vet or a current servicemember.

This Memorial Day make a commitment to do so. It’s the least we can do.