Business Spotlight: 7e Fit Spa helps transform lives through technology in San Diego



Owner of 7e Fit Spa, Pooja Johari, opened her first location three years ago in Indianapolis. In two years, she’s grown her business to 21 spas, including a Sorrento Valley location.

“All 21 spas came from existing spa members, who were excited by the life-changing experience they had with us and wanted to share it with their communities,” Johari said. “That’s how we grew quickly without marketing.”

Using non-invasive procedures and state-of-the art medical technology to gain whole-body wellness is the spa’s philosophy. Staff members use what is known as torc technology to reduce cellulite and work on the necessary core muscles to improve body posture, blood circulation, hormone balancing and all the issues that aging brings to post-pregnant and post-menopausal women.

Johari, who earned her master’s degree in biomedical engineering at USC, said she developed her technologies while working with scientists on research teams and in electronics. There, she became aware of technology in medicine being used to enhance the body’s natural communication capabilities.

“The great thing is that no other surgery or laser procedure fixes the internal structure the way our technology does. We work on a client’s whole body transformation through his or her lifestyle,” Johari said. “We’re not here to just give them services and let them go; we really become their personal coaches and life coaches.”

7e Fit Spa’s team examines members’ lifestyles to discover why stress comes into their lives, and outside the spa, they encourage members to diet and exercise. They also perform a scientific analysis of bodies and plan to soon introduce ayurvedic (the ancient medical diet from India). All of their services are membership-based.

“We do whole body detoxification, and we have people do the torc treatment to fix their internal structure by working on conditioning the muscles and improving their blood circulation and metabolic rate,” Johari said. “We also do lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction and hormonal balancing, and we have skin-therapy treatments based on skin condition and anti- aging desires.”

The spa also offers weight-loss programs, a stress-relief program, and sports performance training. “People come in two to three times a week with tears of joy in their eyes because of how their lives are transformed,” Johari said. “They feel such relief with the help we give them and we take great satisfaction in how our help becomes their lifestyle.”

The spa is offering a free, 15-minute consultation based on the goals of a new customer with the choice of $49 or 50-percent off the first visit, which is often using the torc.

• 7e Fit Spa, 5703 Oberlin Drive, Suite 306, San Diego

• (858) 412-5094

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