2014 Home Renovation Trends

By Scott Murfey,

Murfey Construction

After your family opens their new iPhone, iPads , Kindles, and gaming devices on Christmas day, how are you going to keep them all charged? Many families are turning to U-sockets, wall sockets that contain USB ports in addition to the standard electrical outlets. The U-socket is just one of the new home design trends for 2014. An article in

Residential Building

compiled the findings of design professionals, material suppliers and vendor, all of whom agreed that the following are the home renovation trends for 2014:

Bold Self Expression—

Bright colors are in, and cobalt blue looks to be the “it” color for 2014. Gilded frames and layered textiles will also be popular.

Classic Look—

2013 was more about industrial and modern; 2014 is more about classic and relaxed. Wood, metal and stone work will still be used, but they have a more rounded and relaxed feel, which can be complemented by earth shades, raw metal finishes, and distressed wood treatments..


Showers are becoming more popular than bath tubs, and stand alone tubs are more popular than built in tubs. However, curb-less showers are THE bathroom trend of 2014.

Floating, Eco-friendly Shelves—

The new kitchen trend is floating shelves. The idea behind floating shelves is to not take up all the spaces with cabinets, but to leave open spaces and room to hang art. Earth-friendly cabinet— which have no added formaldehyde or non-toxic glues, binders and finishes— will also be popular.

Multigenerational Living

— Designing for multigenerational families is also becoming necessary as aging parents are increasingly moving back in with their children and boomerang kids are moving back in with their parents. Design features that accommodate these multigenerational households include wall-mounted sinks for wheelchairs, walk-in bathtubs and motion-sensing faucets.

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