16 young surfers win first-place awards at La Jolla Shores Menehune contest


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The 13th annual Menehune Surf Contest, organized by the La Jolla Shores Surfing Association, took place on Saturday, April 20, 2013 with more than 140 young surfers competing at La Jolla Shores beach. The following competitors took first place in their age categories:

• Sam Adams

• Jordy Collins

• Cal Corn

• Ricky Cunningham

• Malia Faramazi

• Tanner Ford

• Caitlyn Froeb

• Lucana Hirshfield

• McCoy Knapp

• Brooks Lang

• Emma Luihlier

• Joel Peek

• Matthew Perreault

• Tiarre Thompson

• Lorrenzo Villelo

• Makayla Williamson

Funds raised from the event will benefit the work of Natural High, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve and WiLDCOAST.

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13th annual

Menehune Surf Contest

, organized by

La Jolla Shores Surfing Association

, on Saturday, April 20, 2013:

• Ages 7-10 Girls: Shortboard

1st Emma Luihlier

2nd Emmie Wilson

3rd Hannah Dunfee

4th Ella McCaffrey

5th Rory Engh

6th Sydney Sanchez

• Ages 7-9 Boys: Shortboard

1st Cal Corn

2nd Shane Cassidy

3rd Maceo Mauch

4th Ashton Horowitz

5th Benjamin Murphy

6th Wyatt Tutor

• Ages 10 & Under Girls: Novice

1st Lucana Hirshfield

2nd Ella McCaffray

3rd Makayla Gancarelli

4th Savanna Reynolds

5th Cabriella Faramarzi

6th Danica Gibson

• Ages 7-10 Girls: Longboard

1st Emma Luihlier

2nd Kristen Furholman

3rd Sydney Sanchez

4th Hannah Dunfee

5th Rory Engh

6th Makayla Gates

7th Cameran Engh

• Ages 7-9 Boys: Longboard

1st Brooks Lang

2nd Jake Klimkiewicz

3rd Brennan McNulty

• Ages 10 and Under Boys: Novice

1st Sam Adams

2nd Charlie Adams

3rd Diego Pardo-Tihanyi

4th Ethan Ford

• Ages 11-14 Girls: Shortboard

1st Tiarre Thompson

2nd Olivia Natrass

3rd Christina Sugarmen

4th Kira Stanley

5th Sierra Gasparoni

6th Molly Saraspe

• Ages 10-12 Boys: Shortboard

1st Tanner Ford

2nd Lance Mann

3rd Wyatt Wilson

4th Luke Hartman

5th Mick Davey

6th Levi Lentin

• Ages 11-16 Girls: Novice

1st Caitlyn Froeb

2nd Heather Pape

3rd Emma Nooren

4th Angela Weba

5th Siena Rivera

6th Manna Juboori

• Ages 11-14 Girls: Longboard

1st Tiare Thompson

2nd Olivia Natrass

3rd Emma DeJourday

4th Kira Stanley

5th Olivia Stokes

6th Sierra Gasperoni

7th Madeline Perreault

• Ages 10-12 Boys: Longboard

1st Lorrenzo Villelo

2nd Fisher Devoe

3rd Silas Black

4th Jacob Wilson

5th Aaron Schwartzman

6th Tanner Ford

• Ages 11-16 Boys: Novice

1st McCoy Knapp

2nd Neil Coates

3rd Brian Zehnpfenning

4th Christobal

• Ages 13-15 Boys: Shortboard

1st Jordy Collins

2nd Nick Holdman

3rd Jack Barone

4th Tucker Jacobs

5th Chandler Clippinger

6th Noah Griffith

• Ages 15-18 Girls: Shortboard

1st Malia Faramazi

2nd Larissa Lambrou

3rd Mikayla Williamson

4th Annika Verbruggen

5th Maci Vosberg

6th Sierra Casper

• Ages 16-18 Boys: Shortboard

1st Joel Peek

2nd Jordy Collins

3rd Alexander Hayman

4th Devon Liane-Toner

5th Jordan Fearon

6th Christian Kocherga

• Ages 13-15 Boys: Longboard

1st Matthew Perreault

2nd Cole Virgilio

3rd Ben Outlaw

4th Vinny Couch

5th Carsten Lester

6th Branden Engh

• Ages 15-18 Girls: Longboard

1st Makayla Williamson

2nd Annika Verbruggen

3rd Sierra Casper

4th Keeyana Castellani-Ray

5th Brie Hilgers

6th Haley Grigsby

• Ages 16-18 Boys: Longboard

1st Ricky Cunningham

2nd Evan Castenada

3rd Riley Brandelious

4th Jordan Fearon

5th Carsten Lester

6th Jaque Aguerre