150 turn out for La Jolla Shores Menehune surf contest


More than 150 young surfers competed in the annual Windansea Surf Club Menehune & Junior Surf Contest at La Jolla Shores on Oct. 3.

The youngest competitor this year was 19-month-old Matias Mendez from Baja California, according to Chip Halsey, club vice president.

Divisions ran from from SuperMenehunes for under 5 years up to boys’ and girls’ short and longboard divisions for those up to age 16.

Winners included:


6-7-year-olds -Alexa Thompson, Callie McClain, Gabriella Faramarzi

8-9 - Tiare Thompson, Malia Faramarzi, Beatrix Thomas

10-11 - Janet Shackleton, Pearl Moore, Chantal Branscomb

12-13 - Stephanie Schecter, Amanda Perce

14-16 - Alex Cunningham, Bryn Lutz, Michaela Branscomb


6-7-year-olds - Josh Szekely, Jake Klineliewicz

8-9 - Lorenza Villele, Judd Henke, Jacob Wilson

10-11 – Chance Thompson, Jordan Collins, Tristen Romero

12-13 -Ricky Cunningham. Tristan Sullaway, Dutch Drinco

14-16 - Lucas Dirkse, David Whately, Scott Swenson


6-7 - Emma L’Huillier, Alexa Thompson, Callie McClain

8-9 - Tiare Thompson, Shelby Moore, Malia Faramazi

10-11 - Cheyenne Rubens, Ella Frazee

12-13 - Stephanie Schechter, Rebecca McElvain

14-16 - Bryn Lutz, Gina Andrews


6-7 - Noah Brown, Luke Spooner, Mason Bowman

8-9 -Ryland Rubens, Zack McCormick, Luke Hartman

10-11 - Jordan Collins, Zack McCormick, Chad Knox

12-13 - Kyle Crompton, Spencer Bentley, Justin Wood

14-16 - Scott Porteous, Spencer Bentley, Lucas Dirkse