10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is also true when selling your house. The first interaction a potential buyer has with your home is pulling up to the curb. Or maybe it has just been too long since you’ve upgraded your home’s exterior and now it’s time for a facelift. Either way, here are ten ways in which you can ensure your home’s curb appeal is one that impresses.

1. Update paint, siding, and trim – This is the biggest way in which you can give your home its most dramatic visual transformation. First, repair any cracked, damaged or rotting material, and then think about a fresh, new color, trim accents, and other details that can make your house really stand out and look new and well kept.

2. Consider adding stone – The natural, classic look of stone veneer is timeless and immediately upgrades a home’s appearance. Many people might shy away from stone because of the cost, but whatever your budget, there are affordable options to adding stone accents.

3. Replace old hardware – This includes items such as your door lockset, your wall-mounted mailbox if you have one, and your address numbers. First off, be sure the numbers are clearly visible from the street. Also, it goes a long way in making you home look put together if the hardware all matches and compliments the exterior rather than appearing like old mismatched pieces.

4. Replace rain gutters and downspouts – Many people often overlook this aspect of their home’s exterior, but an old, cracked and faded gutter system can undo all that work you did with new paint or siding. Brand new rain gutters will convey a sense of a well-maintained house, and not one of neglect.

5. Upgrade railings – Oftentimes your wood or metal porch railings can take a hit from the weather. But just as you want to pay attention to details such as hardware and gutters, be sure to update the railings as well. They can also be another source of color or material accent that compliment the main face of the home.

6. Refresh landscaping – A beautiful home exterior is only half the look, however. You want to be sure your yard has the same amount of pop. Adding new gardens and flower beds will make your home more welcoming while adding splashes of color. Just be cautious that you are accenting your home’s exterior and not obscuring it. Also, be careful to keep these areas well maintained and free of weeds, children’s toys, gardening equipment, etc. You might also want to consider some form of outdoor art. While you don’t want to get carried away with this, a simple natural accent piece (birdbath, wind chimes, etc) or a water feature can really add to the overall look.

7. Outdoor lighting – Lighting is a critical element in that it makes your home appear welcoming in the evening as well. Whether you are lighting a walkway to the front door or accenting trees, house features, or address numbers, appropriate outdoor lighting will ensure that your house is always exuding a safe and inviting personality.

8. Address the driveway – First, repair any cracks, oil stains, sprouting weeds, etc. to continue the impression that this is a house well maintained. You can also widen the driveway with stone or brick to make the driveway appear more inviting and easy to use, while also sprucing up the look.

9. Create a walkway – While there is surely already a way to get to the front door, you want to make it as inviting and appealing as possible. Consider brick or stone pavers, making the path not a straight line, or lining the walkway with flowers, lights, etc. An impressive walkway will carry that strong first impression from the curb to the front door.

10. Consider Symmetry – Making your front entryway symmetrical is a simple way to add visual appeal. This can be done with lights, plants, or other accent details. On the other hand, making your garden or flower beds asymmetrical will give them a more dynamic appeal. Oftentimes it can the little details that make a big difference.

If you are thinking of selling your house or just want to give your home’s exterior a makeover, these are some simple affordable ways to grab people’s attention and make your home more inviting. At Murfey Construction, we have over 40 years of experience in working to make San Diego’s homes more beautiful and functional. To discuss your next home project please visit us at