10 toys to delight your child


As Top 10 lists go, here’s the most valuable for this time of year: Geppetto’s Toy Stores’ choices for the coolest playthings.

“We’ve been observing toy-buying trends all year,” said company President Brian Miller about compiling the list. “Toys that encourage children to ‘make believe’ and take charge of playtime are top picks this year; it’s all about imagination and creation.”

He recommends gift shoppers consider these playful items for the little ones on their lists:

  1. Twilight Lady Bug. This bedtime friend radiates a multi-colored starry sky onto the ceiling to help infants and toddlers feel “calm and peaceful” every night. The 14-inch plush ladybug includes a 45-minute timer, star guide, bedtime story and adoption certificate. From Cloud B.
  2. Tea Set. Made from recycled milk jugs, this “green” toy is perfect for eco-minded kids. All items are dishwasher safe. From Greentoy.
  3. Playmobil Pyramid. This 16-inch by 16-inch pyramid has removable sides, secret chamber, collapsible stairs, secret chute and tarp door inside.
  4. Automoblox. Engineer-sleek retro vehicles include interchangeable plastic body pieces, connectors, translucent roof and wheels. From Manhattan Toys.
  5. Sticky Mosaic Fairy Box. Kids can design and paint their own boxes with 1,000 foam and jewel pieces from Orb Factory.
  6. Magnatiles. The 32-clear shapes are magnetically engineered to attraction all sides for hours of building ingenuity. From Valtech.
  7. Doink-it. The powerful magnet darts are light, balanced and land on the 16-inch dartboard every time. From San Diego-based Marcy Sparky.
  8. Bananagrams. Fast-paced word game where by using 144 tiles, all play at the same time building, peeling, and dumping letters to create crosswords until someone yells,"Bananas!” From Bananagram.
  9. Qwirkle. This strategy game requires players to match colors and shapes in rows and columns to mix, match, score and win. From Mindware.
  10. Magic Science. Make fingers smoke, create Wizard Wands, cast color changing potions, while learning scientific principles. From Scientific Explorer.

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