Tah Dah! Our premiere issue is in your hands!


Welcome to the premiere issue of Point Loma-OB Monthly. Brought to you by The San Diego Union-Tribune Community Press, Point Loma-OB Monthly will be delivered free to your mailbox at the beginning of each month. Hopefully, you’ll look forward to the information and resources it will provide to enrich your life on the peninsula.

In addition to articles about the history and heritage of our area, we’ll include reports on current issues and concerns, a crime roundup, photo and dining pages, and a hefty calendar of events so you really know what’s going on in town!

Exclusive to Point Loma-OB Monthly (and with a toast to its numerous world-class craft breweries), we’ll also present our Blondes on Beers column, which is sure to boost your beverage IQ!

As a Community Press Editor (whose responsibilities include producing the weekly La Jolla Light newspaper and PB Monthly magazine), I welcome your comments and ideas for upcoming stories at (858) 875-5950 or Advertising inquiries can be directed to Don Parks at (858) 875-5954.

The staff and I thank all the news sources and advertisers in this premiere issue who embraced our queries and shared their expertise and support. My takeaway comes from the architectural tour of Point Loma that I took March 24 and 25: though the natural beauty of the peninsula is hard to beat anywhere else in the world, there are also treasures for the eye to behold in its homes, churches, parks and people! I look forward to bringing it all to you in the upcoming issues of Point Loma-OB Monthly.

Happy Spring!