Windansea intersection gets new street sign, replacing yellow diamond sign that raised eyebrows

This new street sign was installed March 27 at Neptune Place and Kolmar Street in the Windansea area of La Jolla.
(Brad Owens)

An intersection in La Jolla’s Windansea area again has a street sign identifying the names of Kolmar Street and Neptune Place.

Part-time resident Brad Owens emailed the La Jolla Light a photo March 27 showing the new sign, which he said was installed that morning to replace a yellow diamond-shaped sign the city of San Diego put up earlier this month.

The city of San Diego says new street identification signs are being made but a schedule to replace a fallen sign at Kolmar Street and Neptune Place is unknown.

Owens said the former street sign identifying Kolmar and Neptune was missing for months before the diamond sign supplanted it.

A yellow diamond sign was placed on the corner of Kolmar Street and Neptune Place until a new street sign could be installed.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

The diamond had some residents scratching their heads, since such a sign often displays text or symbols but this one was blank.

A diamond-shaped sign warns of “specific road conditions and dangers ahead,” according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Owens said getting the street sign back is “helpful to those driving by.” ◆