Pacific Beach Scene: PB Town Council Installation Dinner

The routine induction of new officers and directors was transformed into a gala celebration of the best and brightest from the community and beyond when the Pacific Beach Town Council held its Installation Dinner, Sunday, Jan. 20.

About 110 attendees packed the banquet room of the Mission Bay Yacht Club to enjoy fine dining, drinks of all persuasions and ceremonies that honored a glorious past as much as it greeted a promising future.

While the full moon bedazzled the sky with a rare lunar eclipse outside, political luminaries from the City and State brightened the room and the faces inside with praises for the Town Council's inexhaustible commitment to the community, noting how the group often shined a light on PB's interests, which guided them with their work at the City Council and the State legislature.

City Attorney Mara Elliott, State Assembly member Todd Gloria (78th District), City Council members Dr. Jennifer Campbell (2nd District) and Barbara Bry (1st District) were among those making speeches.

Following dinner, the Pug Sanford Community Service Award for outstanding service was awarded to a surprised Ryoko Daunoras, who charmed the room with her astonishment.

The crowd offered a rousing standing ovation when Cathie Jolley was named Honorary Mayor of Pacific Beach for 2019.

Finally, San Diego Police Northern Division Capt. Tina Williams delivered the oath to swear in the new Town Council directors.

The new board members are Jordan Beane, Andrew Bryl, Denise Friedman, Michael McQuary, Kristi Nelson, Karl Rand and Ron Walker

The new officers are president Brian White, vice-president Jane Nobbs and treasurer Marcella Bothwell.

"Tonight's theme is connecting to our longstanding traditions, which a lot of people in this room have started for us, and recognizing the rich history that our organization has, going back all the way to 1951, when it was established," White told those gathered. "On the shoulders of all these people, we're going to set sail into 2019 with our newly installed officers and directors on the PB Town Council."
















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