Your Smart Home Tech Shouldn’t be an Afterthought


What exactly makes a smart home “smart”? You can get devices in a pinch to fulfill an immediate need. Going on a trip and want a little extra security? There are plenty of security devices to attach to your home. Some of these might be good or even great devices, but because of the sheer numbers of smart tech gadgets available, the quality across the board can’t be guaranteed.

And an important note: Smart tech gadgets are not the same as smart home systems.

A lot of smart home technology can be low-cost, and even cheaply made. While this makes smart technology accessible for anyone’s home, the low-cost options can sometimes become obsolete technology more quickly, or they may not work as effectively.

The truth is that if you want a smart home, you have to design your smart home technology system for your home. So what does this mean?

First, you have to do your research. Learn about the different smart home technology options available on the market, and read the reviews from trusted home technology sources. You don’t want to use technology for the sake of having technology in your home, its implementation arbitrary.

This is especially important for builders who plan to sell smart homes. Builders need to know the ins and outs of smart home technology and how the technology is changing, as well as the best ways to design around the technology and then install it. Builders also need to keep themselves up to date on smart home technology, since it is evolving all the time.

If you’re a homeowner who wants to turn your home into a smart home, it’s best to seek out a company that is noted for these smart home technology installations. While it may seem easier to go to a giant chain store, you may only have a small variety of decent options. You may luck out and the store may have installers who are very good at what they do; however, the quality and consistency from store-to-store is not as reliable. You don’t have to get top-of-the-line, but you also don’t want “second rate” technology for your smart home, with shoddy installation.

The main reason seeking out expertise is so important when planning your smart home is that not all systems will integrate together. You (or your installation company) need to know what systems will work where and with what. This is true from product selection to installation and integration.

But it’s not just important for the builder or installer to understand the technology; you as a homeowner need to be adequately informed and instructed on how to use all the technology in your new smart home.

Some people are embarrassed about needing help with technology; however, remember it is your home. If even experts need training, then you shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask. And it is your smart home, after all, and your technology—make sure it is explained to you well and that you feel comfortable using it. If not, and you wind up not using the smart technology you just installed, then you’ve just wasted your money and your time.

Installers and builders need to remember that all this new technology can be overwhelming, and just because they are experts and (should) know the technology inside and out doesn’t make this automatic knowledge for everyone.

However, as a homeowner, coming into the project with some research and foreknowledge can make the transition much smoother.

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