La Jolla Shores Drive pothole once filled with sandbags is fixed on the latest try

A deep pothole on La Jolla Shores Drive has been filled in, as pictured Aug. 29.
(Elisabeth Frausto)

A huge pothole in La Jolla Shores that was once filled with sandbags has been repaired.

The deep curbside pothole on the north side of La Jolla Shores Drive near Downwind Way has been filled with new asphalt. It wasn’t immediately clear when the work was done.

A city spokesman says a pothole patch team will again be requested after workers fixed a different pothole nearby in June.

Aug. 25, 2023

San Diego city spokesman Anthony Santacroce said Aug. 24 that he would request a pothole patch team “to address the potholes along La Jolla Shores Drive, both the one in question and others in the vicinity.”

In May, resident Dan Goese used the city’s Get It Done app to report the pothole after seeing cars struggle to park over it. In addition to his concern for the cars, he said someone getting out of a car or crossing the street could step in the deep hole and “break an ankle or worse.”

In June, sandbags were observed in the pothole and Goese received a city email indicating the issue had been resolved.

The city denied involvement with the sandbags, and they were soon removed.

The city said the case report was closed prematurely due to human error.

Santacroce said in June that city staff would go out to patch the pothole. Though city workers did fix a pothole on La Jolla Shores Drive, it was downhill from the one that was reported. ◆