77% in online poll support La Jolla pursuing cityhood

La Jolla
(Elisabeth Frausto)

The La Jolla Light included a poll with the online version of the final installment of its six-part series “Leaving San Diego?” about the current effort by the local Association for the City of La Jolla to make La Jolla a city of its own rather than continue as part of San Diego.

The poll, first published online May 10 and promoted with the print version of the final installment in the May 11 newspaper, asked one question: “Should La Jolla pursue becoming a city independent of San Diego?”

It was not a scientific poll and its result should not be considered official. Its intent was to get an idea of how readers might be leaning early in the process.

Of 281 responses, the result is:

Yes: 216 (77 percent)

No: 65 (23 percent)

The Light asked the same question in an online survey in May 2022, after a La Jolla Town Council forum took up the question of whether La Jolla should become an independent city.

That poll had 312 responses, with 87 percent voting yes, 11 percent voting no and 2 percent not sure. ◆