Swastikas put on walls cause pain and anger at UC San Diego

UC San Diego
UC San Diego, pictured in 2019, is investigating an incident in which large swastikas were placed on the walls of a dormitory bathroom last weekend.
(The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Someone placed large swastikas inside the bathroom of a campus dormitory, similar to an incident last year.


Someone placed large swastikas on the walls of a dormitory bathroom at UC San Diego, stirring shock and anger on the La Jolla campus, officials said.

The swastikas, which appeared to have been made of fecal matter, apparently were put up late May 7 in Kaleidoscope, a small residence hall in Sixth College.

“We are angered and horrified by this and reaffirm that hate has absolutely no place at UC San Diego,” Chancellor Pradeep Khosla said in a statement. “We condemn all forms of racism, intolerance and bigotry. They are simply not acceptable in our community.

“This disturbing incident is being actively investigated by campus police, and it is our intention that those involved will be held accountable.”

However, Shanni Menna, a UCSD sophomore, called Khosla’s remarks “very performative and reactive instead of being proactive.”

“He needs to include the Jewish community in diversity, equity and inclusion discussions,” Menna told The San Diego Union-Tribune on May 10. “We can see there is a lack of information and understanding about these acts. The most dangerous thing we can do is be apathetic, which leads to hatred and persecution.”

Triton Jewish Leaders, a student group, pointed out that a similar incident occurred a year ago when the university’s Geisel Library was vandalized with swastikas.

“This symbol promotes Nazi propaganda and represents the horrific slaughter of over 6 million Jews,” the group said in a statement. “Additionally, anti-Semitic rhetoric has been normalized around the country and on our campus.”

The group said the incidents are occurring in spaces where students are most vulnerable, such as dorms, bathrooms and homes, leaving them feeling unsafe and scared. ◆