La Jolla Shores Association gives initial OK to bylaw changes that would allow meetings to stay online

The La Jolla Shores Association meets Feb. 8 online.
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As a nonprofit corporation, LJSA is not bound by the state’s Brown Act requirements ‘unless there’s specific activity that you do that is required to do that,” its president says.


The La Jolla Shores Association board unanimously supported new language for its bylaws that would allow its meetings to stay online after California’s COVID-19 state of emergency expires at the end of this month.

The preliminary approval during the group’s virtual meeting Feb. 8 must be repeated at its monthly meeting in March to take effect. The March 8 meeting is expected to be held online.

LJSA President Janie Emerson said the changes would allow LJSA to “meet either virtually or in person and proceed with their business as needed.”

The board members have met via Zoom since the pandemic took hold in March 2020. Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency at that time, and Assembly Bill 361 allowed groups governed by the Brown Act, the state’s open-meetings law, to have online-only meetings during the declaration.

Those governed by the state’s open-meetings law will have to resume in-person meetings when the emergency declaration expires at the end of this month.

Feb. 6, 2023

But with the state of emergency about to end, those groups will have to resume in-person meetings per the Brown Act, which was passed in 1953 to spell out how legislative and some civic organizations must meet to enable public access.

LJSA is registered in California as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation, and Emerson said she spoke with an attorney who specializes in nonprofits about the group’s options for future meetings.

“We are not a legislative body,” Emerson said. “Organizations like ours are not required to be under the Brown Act unless there’s specific activity that you do that is required to do that.”

She said she and LJSA’s executive officers proposed edits to the group’s bylaws “so that moving forward we have more flexibility in the way we hold meetings and how we do them.”

Emerson said the proposed amendments include deleting a sentence in Article IV (Meetings) that states, “Notices shall be made and agendas distributed in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act or other applicable current legislation.”

She also proposed deleting “The association shall comply with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act in conducting its business.”

The group would maintain open access and proper noticing to the public, she said.

LJSA would add a paragraph stating that it may designate meetings as needed if required by the city of San Diego for recreation council business in accord with the Brown Act.

New board member and candidates forum

La Jolla Shores resident Claudia Baranowski was sworn in as a new board member Feb. 8 after being appointed to fill the seat vacated when former member Phil Wise resigned during the January meeting.

Six candidates are running for six available seats in the board’s election in March. They gave statements at the February meeting about their qualifications and motivations for joining the board.

  • Keys Allan
Keys Allan
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Allan, an incumbent, said “being a part of what’s going on in the community is important, and we appreciate all the work this board is doing. … [I’m] interested in ongoing issues of beach safety and better streets and street lighting and all the kinds of things that we deal with regularly.”

  • Richard Dahlberg
Richard Dahlberg
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Dahlberg said he moved to La Jolla in 1965 and “was involved with the La Jolla Shores Association very early on” as its president when the Planned District Ordinance was adopted.

His main interest in joining again “is to beautify the entrance to La Jolla” at La Jolla Parkway and Torrey Pines Road, he said. “I’d like to make changes there.”

  • Ed Mackey
Ed Mackey
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Mackey is running again after one term off the LJSA board.

“I’m a native La Jolla resident in The Shores looking to create an effective image of The Shores’ identity and increase business opportunities,” he said.

  • Mike McCormack
Mike McCormack
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McCormack said he wants to join the board because “I believe in humbly serving the community by observing and sharing, participating, thinking and advocating.”

He believes “in shared streets, ‘slow streets,’ safe neighborhoods,” he added. “I also believe in ‘Leave no trace’ … we pick up after ourselves and ... others.”

Under the slow streets concept, some roads are closed to through traffic to limit the number of cars and make more room for pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Kathleen Neil
Kathleen Neil wants to join LJSA's board after serving on the La Jolla Community Planning Association.
(Screenshot by Elisabeth Frausto)

Neil has been a La Jolla resident since 1991 and a Shores resident since 2002. She was a trustee of the La Jolla Community Planning Association from 2019 to 2022.

“I’ve walked and bicycled this neighborhood and I enjoy spending time at the beach and the park in La Jolla Shores,” she said. “I admire what the La Jolla Shores Association does to keep our neighborhood lovely and would like to support it more by becoming a director.”

  • Dr. Andrew Perry
Dr. Andrew Perry
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Perry, a Shores business owner and resident, said he wants to join the LJSA board “primarily to make La Jolla Shores the best and safest community in San Diego.”

Perry said he has “a great deal of experience serving on community groups” and has “been active in the Southern California biotech industry for a number of decades after graduating from medical school in England. … I now divide my time between our recently opened art gallery … angel investing … and biotech consulting.”

Election: Board secretary Charlie Brown said candidate information and ballots will be emailed to all registered LJSA members by Wednesday, Feb. 15, and posted on the LJSA website.

Completed ballots must be received via mail or hand delivery by 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 8, Brown said. Ballots returned by email are not accepted.

LJSA goals

Emerson asked for input on the group’s goals for this year, suggesting that LJSA work on improving traffic safety and defining the use of parks in The Shores.

Emerson said she also wants to expand the scope of LJSA membership, “both age-wise and location-wise.”

Perry echoed other requests for more maintenance at Kellogg Park, saying “the grass is in terrible shape.”

LJSA trustee Chuck Merriman said he hopes the group will work with the La Jolla Shores Business Association to develop a community event.

Merriman added that public safety is an ongoing concern for The Shores.

Next meeting: The La Jolla Shores Association next meets at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 8, likely online. To learn more, visit