‘A new tradition’: BirdStock festival is reborn with music, shopping and more

BirdStock is being revived in December, 12 years after it was last held.
(BirdStock planning committee)

After more than a decade, the BirdStock community block party is being revived and relaunched as a music festival and holiday market. The celebration on Saturday, Dec. 10, also will include children’s activities and food and drink specials.

The last BirdStock was held 12 years ago, and given its reputation as a successful event, “we had this desire to revive it,” said co-organizer Arianna Opsvig. “We want to bring the community back together to create space for neighbors to interact and make something family-friendly for the community. It has since morphed into something that we hope will be a new tradition that draws on what was done in the past and brings new energy.”

The festival, sponsored by the Bird Rock Community Council and Bird Rock Foundation, will be in a block party format on La Jolla Boulevard between Midway Street and Camino de la Costa. The exact time has not yet been decided, but planners say it will be a daytime event.

Volunteers, musicians, sponsors and vendors are still sought. For more information, email

“This is going to bring people together and support local businesses and remind people how great that community feeling can be.”

— BirdStock co-organizer Merisa Titlow

Vendor booths will be set up along La Jolla Boulevard with the intent to “draw on the talents of local folks,” as well as showcase the stores along the Boulevard, Opsvig said.

“The Bird Rock merchants continue to give people a sense of community that they haven’t had for the last few years,” said co-organizer Merisa Titlow. “This is going to bring people together and support local businesses and remind people how great that community feeling can be.”

Proceeds from the event — generated through donations, the sale of vendor booth space and a portion of sales from participating businesses — will go to the Bird Rock Foundation, which supports Bird Rock Elementary School.

Kelsey Martin, vice president of fundraising for the Bird Rock Foundation and a member of the BirdStock planning committee, said the money will help “provide enrichment, STEAM [science, technology, engineering, arts and math] education, technology and other things that enhance the school experience for the students.”

“I really feel it is important for people to remember how special this community is,” Martin added. “Part of what makes it so special is the elementary school and the fact that we have such a family-friendly community. We want to remind people and enlighten them to the fact that we can walk around and feel safe. It’s interesting and creative here. ... I want to bring people back and see that Bird Rock is still Bird Rock. It’s a revitalization that is key for the school, the merchants, the Boulevard.” ◆