To our readers: The Light is going bigger and moving to Fridays

La Jolla Light logo

Dear La Jolla Light readers,

The Light is now BIGGER and better than ever.

The Los Angeles Times has come to the Light’s rescue. San Diego’s sole offset printer went out of business in August, causing printing chaos among local publishers. Starting this week, your print edition of the Light is now taller so that we can run on the presses of our parent company.

We’ve had to make this change almost overnight, so watch during the next few weeks as we enrich the design and bring you even more news in our expanded format.

You also can look for us in your mailboxes and on the street on Fridays.

Of historical note, in my first tenure as publisher of the Light in the 1970s, the paper was not a compact tabloid but the bigger broadsheet size we’ve changed back to. So, the Light and I have both come full circle back to our roots.

Phyllis Pfeiffer, publisher