Photo gallery: Murals of La Jolla’s annual Parking Lot Party draws on art appreciation


Murals of La Jolla brought together artists and supporters Oct. 2 in an annual tradition to celebrate public art in the community.

The Parking Lot Party, held annually on the first Sunday in October, is intended to thank the donors who have helped Murals of La Jolla maintain its presence in The Village, The Shores and Bird Rock.

Murals of La Jolla is a project of the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library. It began in 2010 to commission public art on private property throughout La Jolla.

Currently, 15 murals are on display. Artworks are rotated every few years to accommodate “the ever-changing creative landscape of our Village,” said Patsy Marino, chairwoman of the project’s art advisory committee.

The Parking Lot Party took place at the newly opened Flower Pot Cafe and Bakery beside the latest mural installation, “Resurgence,” at 7540 Fay Ave.

“Resurgence” artist Chitra Ganesh said artwork in public places has been all the more important given the precarious climate for museums caused by closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was really wonderful to know that this kind of work could be accessed by so many people and also be seen over and over again regularly,” she said.

Ganesh said “the best iteration of experiencing a work of art is similar to experiencing a piece of music. You can see it and understand it and relate to it in an endless number of ways, depending on how you’re feeling that day and what else you’ve been thinking about.” ◆