Speed limit petition and bench replacement project find encouragement at Bird Rock board meeting

The Bird Rock Community Council and guests meet Sept. 6 online.
The Bird Rock Community Council and guests meet Sept. 6 online.
(Courtesy of Bird Rock Community Council)

From a petition to slow the speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard to Halloween window painting and replacing park benches, the Bird Rock Community Council was briefed on several community efforts during its Sept. 6 meeting. It also heard a presentation from the San Diego Humane Society about its animal-control efforts.

Speed limit petition

After launching a petition last month to have the speed limit reduced on a southern stretch of La Jolla Boulevard between Loring and Colima streets, resident Harry Bubbins presented to the BRCC board looking to “bolster the petition” and garner more signatures. The item was presented for information only and the board did not vote.

Bubbins called the area “a world-class destination” but lamented the 35 mph speed limit and the “harrowing experiences” that have come from speedy drivers.

“Thirty-five mph is higher than any road going to or along La Jolla Boulevard … so everyone is encouraged to speed up” if they take that street, he argued. He said there have been near misses with pedestrians.

BRCC secretary Barbara Dunbar asked what he proposed the speed limit be reduced to. Bubbins said that was being left “deliberately open-ended” and that “we want to leave it up to whoever [is appropriate].”

Though the board did not vote on the item, acting President Joe Parker said BRCC might be willing to help with outreach and raising awareness for the effort.

“There are quite a few of us in the neighborhood that have safety concerns, not only on [La Jolla] Boulevard but on many surrounding streets, so I think the timing is right on this,” Parker said. “With the number of kids getting on e-bikes, the amount of traffic between cars and bikes is getting really scary. … Those that are on the street are in danger because of those cars driving fast, some of which are on their phone.”

To learn more or view the petition, go to

Bench replacement

Fundraising has been launched for a project to replace two benches in Calumet Park, shepherded by La Jolla Boy Scout Dash Richardson.

Dash, a student at La Jolla High School, previously said he wanted to replace the benches for his Eagle Scout project, using a mold he bought to create the frame and installing new wooden planks. After he reconstructs the benches, the existing plaques on the benches will be transferred to the new ones.

Noting that Dash’s father is former BRCC member Shawn Richardson, Parker said: “It is so great to see a second generation of families from Bird Rock getting involved. I have to give him kudos because he is routinely asking me what the Scouts can do for Bird Rock. … These kids are motivated and this is a great example of what they can do in their community.”

A donation form is in the BRCC newsletter at

Humane Society report

Because of ongoing issues with off-leash dogs in Calumet Park, the San Diego Humane Society — the city’s contractor for animal-control enforcement — occasionally reports to BRCC.

During the September meeting, Julianna Tetlow, the Humane Society director of government relations, and Danee Cook, law enforcement captain of operations, said there were 74 total calls for service in the Bird Rock area, including Calumet Park, in the past year.

Included in those were 54 related to park and beach patrols and five about injured wildlife. From all the calls, six citations were written.

Humane Society response times depend on the priority level of the call. Priority 1 includes urgent medical care or dogs in a vehicle, to which the agency tries to respond within 30 minutes. Priority 2 calls are to be answered within three hours, Priority 3 within 12 hours, Priority 4 within 24 hours and Priority 5 within 48 hours.

Tetlow said “San Diego Humane does not handle barking dog calls for the city … those issue go to code enforcement.”

To reach the dispatch center, call (619) 299-7012, ext. 1, or email

Halloween window painting and other events

The annual Bird Rock Halloween window painting event is coming back Sunday, Oct. 23, when neighborhood children will paint the fronts of participating businesses for the spooky season.

Other upcoming events include the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for breast cancer research that will march down La Jolla Boulevard on Friday, Nov. 18, and the return of the BRCC holiday party Tuesday, Dec. 6.

The Bird Rock Community Council next meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4, online. Learn more at