La Jolla community groups agree on wish list of projects to submit to San Diego

Widening the sidewalk next to Scripps Park tops the list of La Jolla groups' desired community projects.
Widening the sidewalk next to Scripps Park tops the list of community projects that La Jolla groups would like the city of San Diego to carry out.
(Elisabeth Frausto)

Looking to present a united front, the La Jolla Community Planning Association, La Jolla Shores Association, Bird Rock Community Council and La Jolla Parks & Beaches groups came together to produce a list of capital improvement projects they would like the city of San Diego to implement in the coming year.

The list, finalized and adopted at the LJCPA meeting Sept. 1, includes construction, safety and maintenance work. It next will be submitted to the city for consideration.

In the past, the community groups would submit separate lists and the city would pick one or two projects based on priorities and funding availability.

Topping the new list are:

• Widening and rebuilding the sidewalk in Scripps Park adjacent to Coast Boulevard

• Resurfacing the La Jolla Shores boardwalk and replacing crumbling walls

• Repaving Neptune Place with concrete, widening the sidewalk and adding a bike lane

• Revitalizing La Jolla Hermosa Park

• Implementing a landscape and street tree plan throughout La Jolla

• Increasing street lighting

Rehabilitating the Children’s Pool seawall

The latter was the only point of debate.

Community Planning Association trustee Jim Fitzgerald said that in past hearings about the seawall, the California Coastal Commission wasn’t enthusiastic about repairs. “The issue will be if the Coastal Commission will approve any improvements to it,” he said.

LJCPA President Diane Kane, who is shepherding an effort to have the Children’s Pool listed on the National Register of Historic Places, said having the seawall on the register “may give some latitude to its preservation as a historic place.”

Given the seawall’s crumbling walkway, trustee Larry Davidson questioned whether it was being categorized correctly as a capital improvement instead of a safety project.

The concrete surface of the Children’s Pool seawall walkway in La Jolla has been wearing out.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

In the safety category, the list includes:

• Increasing cleanups and sanitation efforts at the La Jolla Shores restroom facilities

• Increasing trash pickup in all shoreline parks

• Adding steps to the staircase leading to La Jolla Cove beach

• Increasing overnight security and code enforcement targeting overnight parking at Kellogg Park

• Repairing, replacing and maintaining stop signs and crosswalks in La Jolla Shores

In the maintenance category, the list asks for:

• Improved landscaping in the “gas tax medians” such as those in the area known as “The Throat” at La Jolla Parkway and Torrey Pines Road

• Repair of deteriorating sidewalks, curbs and gutters throughout La Jolla

The traffic category includes:

• Conducting a comprehensive traffic study at The Throat

• Developing a comprehensive transportation and safety plan and subsequent traffic-calming measures throughout La Jolla

Projects can be funded multiple ways. One option is to be included in the city budget. They also might be funded through Community Projects, Programs and Services funds, which are given in various amounts each year to pay for projects in each of the City Council districts. ◆